Renault Master Ambulance Rescue Unit

Catseye Rescue provides event organisers rescue and medical cover to deal with the unforeseen incidents that may happen during an event.

Motorsport can be dangerous and the unexpected can happen in the most diverse locations, be it in a forest or road rally, racetrack, sprint or hill climb events.

Motorsport UK  stipulate the requirement and numbers of MSUK Rescue Units to be present at the event to provide optimum safety cover.

Most competing cars in motorsport are governed by safety regulations including roll cages, full safety harness and fire suppression systems, not forgetting the competitors PPE.


Motorsport UK  Rescue Units are crewed by a minimum of 2 licensed crew for rallies and minimum of 3 for speed events.

On all events it is a MSUK regulation that a Doctor or Paramedic is on the Rescue Unit.

The Rescue Unit is part of the event Safety Team and works alongside a Recovery Unit at an event. The Recovery Unit assists the Rescue unit at an incident and will recover any broken down or immobile competitor’s cars, which may end in diverse locations some distance from the road.




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Catseye Rescue is a voluntary organisation formed in 2018, and currently has 4 active members that operates a licenced registered Motorsport Rescue Unit which provides rescue and medical cover for a wide range of events throughout the United Kingdom.


 Motorsport Rescue Units are licensed by Motorsport UK  (MSUK) the governing body for motorsport in the UK. MSUK specifies the minimum levels of rescue and medical equipment that a licensed Rescue Units must carry. MSUK carry out regular inspections of Motorsport Rescue units to ensure that standards are maintained.


 Catseye Motorsport Rescue carries a selection of hydraulic powered tools that can cut and spread and battery and 220 Volt reciprocating saws that allow us to free a trapped competitor from their car.  This is similar to that carried by the UK Fire and Rescue services.  The medical equipment carried is similar to that carried by an NHS ambulance and includes a defibrillator.


 Catseye Motorsport Rescue operates an ex-BARC Renualt Master ambulance and is based in Altrincham, the volunteer crew members are based throughout the UK.